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Restored Relationships - Hosea 14

Broken relationships are everywhere.

I heard this last week of a lady who went home from work only to hear her husband of several years tell her to get out, for he no longer loved her.

A dear friend of ours had her husband of 35 years leave her for a homosexual lifestyle.

Kids often report their fear of parents because of tempers, or worse.

Friends fight and end up going different ways.

God loves, and we say we want to live our own way. We then walk away from love indescribable.

Here is the amazing thing about God, though. He has the ability to completely forgive and take us back with open arms.

Hosea is all about the children of God (the Israelites) deserting God and committing adultery against their commitment to him. But in the end, Hosea the prophet is able to give this plea: “O Israel, return to the Lord your God…” (Hosea 14:1)

Return to the Lord.

And when we do, “I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely, for My anger has turned away from him.” (Hosea 14:4)

While we should always try to restore our broken relationships here on earth, we know that sometimes that is just not possible. Our human limitations with memories and emotions can keep us from ever finding true forgiveness.

But God is not bound by our human limitations. What is impossible for us is nothing for God. He has said that he will not only forgive, but that He will remember our iniquities no more. So when He sees us returning He does not see the broken relationship. He sees us through His love and welcomes us back with love.

You may think you have broken your relationship with God and that there is no chance He will take you back. That thought is not of God. God says come back my child. I will welcome you. I still love you.

He wants your relationship with Him restored. He has done everything He can.

Will you come back to Him?

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