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Sack Lunch

It was a sack lunch. Nothing special. It was just the ingredients to make a couple of fish sandwiches. Five loaves of barley bread, 2 small fish.

But he gave them to Jesus. With that small sack lunch offering, Jesus was able to feed 5,000 men plus women and children.

Impossible? Nothing is impossible with God. This is one truth we learn as we read John 6.

What does that mean for us? Simple - no matter how small you may think your offering is, if you give it to Jesus, he can do great things.

You don't think you are a good speaker? Trust Jesus. He will use you giving your testimony to change lives.

Don’t think your gift is that much? Trust Jesus. He will show you how priceless it is.

Don’t think you can teach? Trust Jesus. He will use you to change the minds of people to him.

Don’t think there is much in your sack? Trust Jesus. He will use your humble gift to better the multitudes.

So the question becomes, what is in your sack? What can you offer to Jesus? What of yours are you willing to let him use to change the world?

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