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Go and Sin No More

She was guilty. There is no doubt about that. She was caught “red handed.”

She was an adulteress. She was caught in bed with the man. The price, according to the law, was death by stoning.

So they brought her out, picked up the stones and prepared to throw.

“This is what the law says, Jesus. What do you say?”

Jesus, calm and cool bent down and began to write in the sand.

What He wrote, no one knows, but it must have been convicting. For after He wrote a while, Jesus looked up and said, “You without sin, go ahead and throw your stones.”

Then, He bent back down and wrote some more.

One by one, the accusers dropped their stones and walked away.

Then Jesus turns to the woman and asks a questions. “Where are those accusers of yours?”

They were gone. After the woman acknowledges this, Jesus said one of the most amazing sentences in all of Scripture.

“Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”

Can you imagine her face?!? She was caught. She was guilty. But she was not condemned!

You may think you have an unforgivable past. You may think you were, or are, too bad for Jesus to love. Hear me right now: WHEN JESUS LOOKS AT YOU, HE DOES NOT SEE THE SIN; HE SEES HIS CHILD.

He does not condemn you. He simply loves you too much to let you stay in sin. So He says. “Go and sin no more.”

Maybe you have been caught. Maybe not. No matter what the crime or the shame you carry, Jesus does not condemn you.

Instead, He offers freedom.

Freedom from the accusers. Freedom from the stones. Freedom from the guilt. Freedom from the sin.

Trust Jesus, the Lamb of God. Go free and sin no more.

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