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His Love Is Eternal - Psalm 136

Think back through your life. Can you remember some (I doubt you can recall them all!) of the times when God did great things? Things too wonderful for it to have been anything else but God.

For me, I can remember the phone call from my friend Jim. He was serving in Iraq at the time. My wife and I were going through a difficult time where we had to make some hard decisions. As we were going to bed I told her, “What we need is for Brother Jim to call and tell us what to do.” The next morning we woke to Jim’s wife calling stating that Jim had called her in the middle of the night with a “word” for us. That had to be God!

Or the night when Kinsey was diagnosed with diabetes. She had to be life-flighted to Riley’s Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. We were in Robinson, IL at the time. We were roughly 2 hours from Indy. So, with a tear we said goodbye as the wheeled her to the chopper and we raced out to our car. Then it hit us. My brother and his family, who had never been to Indy before were there on vacation. I called him. They were in a hotel just a couple blocks from the hospital. He was able to be waiting for Kinsey as she was wheeled off the chopper. She was never alone. You cannot tell me that God did not orchestrate that night.

When you look back over your life and you start to look at all the times that God has had a direct hand in it, you are left with nothing to say but, “His love is eternal.”

That is exactly what Psalm 136 is. It is a recounting of God’s hand in dealing with the Israelites and the only response worthy of such a loving God.

Here is something you could do. Write your own Psalm 136. Write a sentence about what God has done for you. The follow it with, “His love is eternal.” As you do it, you will find the only place you can go before such a loving God is to your knees in worship.

He safely brought me from my mother’s womb.

His love is eternal.

He saved me from my sin.

His love is eternal.

He allowed me to marry a partner greater than I deserve.

His love is eternal.

He blessed us with three children.

His love is eternal.

He sent a word in our dark hour.

His love is eternal.

He arranged the night of diagnosis.

His love is eternal.


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