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Go Tell - Psalm 44

God, we have heard with our ears - our ancestors have told us - the work You accomplished in their days…

Psalm 44:1 HCSB

I remember going to the church building that my grandparents attended. It would be late on Friday evenings that Grandpa and I would go to clean the building and get it ready for Sunday morning. Often times while we there my grandpa would tell me some new truth about God. I still remember the night he opened a bible and had me read Genesis 1:1. The words he gave me with that verse have never left me.

Not solely, but largely, because of his testimony about the goodness of God I am a preacher today.

The generations before me told me of the greatness of God. Because of their testimony I wanted (and still want) to follow Him all the days of my life.

Who are you telling about the goodness of God? Who are you telling when you see God working? Who are you telling when God answers your prayer, or gives you a word through reading the bible? Who do you tell about the great things our church is doing?

I hope the answer is a lot of people. But I pray that included in those people is the next generation!

Today, by the power of the internet I have the ability to preach 1 sermon and reach the ears of more people than Jesus was able to during his whole three-year ministry. If I can do that from Liberty, IL, imagine what the generation coming up will be capable of doing!

But they will only do it for God if they know of His greatness. And they will only know of his greatness if you and I tell them.

Take time today to reach out to someone with the greatness of God!

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