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Psalm 10-12 - Pursue

Pursue - to strive to gain; seek to attain or accomplish (an end, object, purpose, etc.)

Over the years their have been many things I have pursued. I have pursued my wife Leslie before we were a couple. I have pursued educational degrees. I have pursued jobs. I have pursued different goals I have set. In fact, most of what I am and have is the result of things I have pursued.

The same is true for you as well. Stop for a moment and think about the things you have pursued over the years. What are you pursuing now?

As I read Psalms 10-12 this morning the question that came to my mind is “Am I pursuing God?”

These psalms contain cries for help from God as the writer feels he is in a certain trouble from his enemies. What captures me about them is that the writer, David, is not trying to figure out the solution on his own. Instead, he is pursuing God and the help only He can provide.

That is what separates David from his enemies. He is different because the wicked “does not seek Him, all his thoughts are ‘There is no God.’” (Psalm 10:4)

When we pursue God we have a promise that David uttered at the end of Psalm 12. He wrote, “O Lord, you will keep us safe and protect us from such people forever.” (Psalm 12:7)

What is bringing you trouble right now? Is it a people as it was for David? Is it a decision looming over you that must be made? Is it marital struggles? Is it financial pains? Are your children causing grief? Are you desiring a companion and struggling with loneliness? Is it an addiction? Is it the result of the election and what you are afraid will happen now?

Whatever it is that brings you trouble, do not feel you must find the answer in yourself. Pursue God. Pursue His ways. Pursue His answers. Find the comfort that comes from knowing you are not facing the trouble alone, but God is facing it for you.

As the peace that comes from this realization comes over you, worship Him. Praise God for not making you face your trouble alone. Praise Him for the protection and guidance He gives.

Pursue Him. Worship Him. Thank Him. For He alone is worthy of our pursuit, our worship, our thanks.

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