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A Year Through The Bible

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I am excited to take this journey with you (again, for some). Personally, as I have been doing this myself, I have seen a change in my life. I struggled at first, trying to “fit” the readings into the rest of my day. The desire to not only spend time in scripture, but also quiet time with God, has increased, and the NEED for the scripture in my day is evident. If I don’t read in the morning, it is almost like skipping breakfast…I am hungry until I get my “meal” eaten. 


Depending on how fast you read, or how much punches you in the gut (metaphorically, of course) so you have to stop to ponder, plan on 15-30min each day. It may be spent reading. It may mostly be spent wondering what you just read. 


Don’t beat yourself up when you miss a day…read the next day’s reading…catch up the day you missed when you get a chance.

You can find the daily reading list here.

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