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April 9th -- 3:00 - 6:00 PM



Please let us know you are attending by e-mailing us at whatsnextconf@gmail.com! If you are looking to register an entire youth group, we ask for the church's name, a head count, and a sponser's name, if applicable. Also, please have each student print and fill out one of our registration sheets! You can turn these in on the day of the event.



$5 per student, or $25 per youth group (whichever is less). This will allow What'sNEXT to provide a love offering to our speakers and band for their time. You are free to pay the day of (checks made payable to Liberty Christian Church), or if you'd like to pay ahead with a credit or debit card, you can do so here via our PushPay. Make sure to select "WNC 16" as the giving type! If there are problems with the cost, please contact us on social media or via whatsnextconf@gmail.com.

As students prepare for college, test scores, grade point averages, and FAFSA forms are calculated and submitted. Resident halls, dining options, and social opportunities are assessed. Future roommates are added to “Friends” lists, and cars are packed with way too much stuff.


There is a lot for students, and their families, to consider when attending college. For a Christian, there is another consideration: “Wherever I end up, how am I going to continue growing in my faith when Mom/Dad/youth leader/(insert your influential person here) is not around to keep me accountable?”


What’sNEXT? Conference 2016 would like to help students begin thinking about that question, and provide some answers. A lineup of speakers and discussion leaders, who are currently on college campuses as students, staff, or missionaries, will help the conference live up to its mission:

“What’sNEXT? Conference exists to encourage students that will soon be entering college to become established in a community of believers on campus and in the local church.”


We hope to see your student at What’sNEXT? Conference 2016!

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Featured Speakers and Small Group Discussion Leaders


  • Barry Reed - WIU Campus Students for Christ

  • Joe Thrower - Prince Avenue Baptist Church of Hannibal

  • Christi Reed - Western Illinois University Student Affairs

  • Ty Williams - HLGU Residential Life

  • Brandon Carl - JWCC Cru

  • Anna Alms - HLGU Ignite

Tentative Schedule


Doors open at 2:15 PM.


Main Session I

  • Games

  • Worship

  • Speaker

Small Groups

  • Snacks

  • Conversation

Main Session II

  • Speaker

  • Worship

  • Giveaways!!!