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Missions We Support

Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch


Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch gives abused, neglected, and other children a place to call home, in an environment that meets the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of each child. Through Shiloh, children who enter feeling hopeless can learn about the God of hope and develop into young men and women. The ranch is located in rural Missouri. Children play, go to school, and do work together in a family environment. More information can be found by visiting Shiloh's website at

Young Life (Quincy branch)


Young Life is a nationwide program that desires that every adolescent will have the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ and follow Him; LCC supports our local branch in Quincy, IL. They host various ministries to help local kids, including YoungLives, which helps teenage mothers, WyldLife, geared towards the junior high age, and the self-named Young Life, a high school program. Within each program are leaders committed to kids and leading them to Christ, who host activities such as Club, an hour-long time of fun and fellowship, open to anyone who wants to come. You can learn more about Young Life by visiting their website at

LaMoine Christian Service Camp


LaMoine Christian Service Camp provides youth with the opportunity to escape the outside world in an exciting, Christ-filled environment. In addition to the pool, rock wall, "carpetball", and ball courts scattered across the camp, you'll find good food, fun activities, and amazing worship. Kids will find new friends and a new love for God, and they can't wait to go back next year! There are summer camps for students entering first grade through high school. Various retreats for adults also occur throughout the year. You can find more information by visiting LaMoine Christian Camp's website at

Central Christian College of the Bible


Central Christian College of the Bible grants full tuition scholarships to students desiring to become leaders with biblical instruction and practical training for service around the world. Because of these scholarships, students can enter the world of ministry without worrying about debt from student loans. CCCB has various majors, including Christian Counseling, Youth & Family Ministry, Christian Education, and many more. Their website is

Church Benevolence 


Each month, Liberty Christian Church sets aside a portion of its income to use directly for the community as we see needs. These needs range from buying groceries for a family, helping others pay utility bills, or doing a project to help better a home or the community.  This fund allows us to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

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